4 December 2023

Top 100for Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion and Diversity Parking and Secure Documents, parent company of The Parking Shop, has been named by the National Centre for Diversity as one of the […]
22 August 2023

Diversity Award for PSD

PSD (inc The Parking Shop) has become one the of first in the Parking Industry to gain National Centre for Diversity accreditation.Gavin Reddin, Parking & Secure […]
21 August 2023
A car park barrier with a protective cover to reduce risk to pedestrians

Barrier to Safety?

Car park barriers can present a risk to unwary pedestrians. Here we talk about measures to mitigate the risks for an NHS client.
23 May 2023

Pillar Protector – a case study

When looking at refurbishing their Eldon Square car park, Newcastle City Council looked to Pillar Protectors to help them protect vehicles and the structure, while also […]
21 April 2023

The road trip of the future could be a break from the grinding reality of today’s car journeys, writes David Peach

A low hum roused Jordan from sleep in the early hours. He realised, without giving it too much thought, it was the Mark2 vehicles leaving the […]
6 March 2023

The Digital Nomad- Pt II

Today we’re presenting part two in a two-part interview with Gavin Reddin, Managing Director of Parking and Secure Documents (“PSD”). Many of us have adapted to […]