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To operate a hospital car park it requires sufficient organised space for staff, patients and visitors, plus a proficient permit management system and where required sympathetic enforcing.

With our experience in this sector, we can supply bespoke permits for all your requirements from regular staff members, to visiting consultants and long-term visitors.  This can be regular digitally printed stock permits or integrated into our web-based solution.  Using the web-based solution will also assist with the enforcement of car park spaces not being correctly utilised as the software is integrated in real time into handheld PDA machines. 

Hospitals parking products and services

[NHS Scratchcards and hospital parking products and services]

If it's signage around the car park that you require, then we can assist with this too.  Have a read of the brochure and a detailed case study of how we have helped Balfour Beatty at Pinderfield NHS site.  

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